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Guide to Deck Officer Jobs

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Having obtained the deck officer certificate of competency STCW’95 II/1, the trainee officer will be deemed competent to serve as third or second navigating officer. All deck officers have watchkeeping duties, with specified responsibilities. The second officer is responsible for the safe stowage of cargo, the navigation equipment and is the medical officer. The third officer maintains all the navigational information and must assist both the chief and second officers with their specific duties
A deck officer may have command or mate endorsements to enable them to serve as master or mate on restricted tonnages for unlimited voyages. A deck officer may have command of a vessel >100gt but<500 G.T. on an unlimited voyage, with a deck officer serving as mate. A chief mate (endorsed) may have command of a vessel >500gt but < 3000 G.T. on unlimited voyages with a deck officer (endorsed) serving as mate and a regular deck officer serving as watch keeping officer. Above 3000gt the vessel is required to have a master, chief mate and two deck officers serving as watch keeping officers.

Up to second mate the certification remains the same, with a second mate earning around $3500 per month (R24 000). This is often rotational work requiring long periods at sea and earning leave of around 16 days for every 30 days served. A major tax advantage is available for those that spend 183 days a year out of the country, in that these earnings are tax free. Local positions exist for pilots, tug captains and ferry captains, either with the national ports or private companies at different rates of pay.

These qualifications are international and qualify the certificate holders for positions on luxury charter vessels. As a second officer serving on a large charter vessel, salaries could be in the region of $4000 to $5500 per month, with one month paid leave and travel expenses form and to the boat. Bonuses and tips may apply, areas of operation typically Caribbean / U.S. and Mediterranean / Europe. For MCA purposes, to serve as an officer of the watch on a private yacht (up to 3000gt) an RYA yachtmaster offshore, commercially endorsed (ENG1), with a GMDSS certificate plus navigation and radar and general ship knowledge(O.O.W. yacht) certificates must be obtained. The candidate must also have served 36 months at sea on vessels of 15m or more before being allowed to take the MCA oral exam.

Jobs for Deck Officers in South Africa (& for South African citizens internationally)

Although employment opportunities for deck officers do exist in South Africa, areas of operation are mainly abroad, being Caribbean / U.S., Mediterranean / Europe, but Indian Ocean islands and various other cruising destinations may offer opportunities.

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