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Guide to Chief Mate Jobs

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The chief mate is the one responsible in event of the incapacity of the master, they are second in charge, having the ability of the master, not the responsibility. Aside from watchkeeping duties, the chief is responsible for the maintenance of all safety and general equipment, as well as the integrity of the hull and superstructure of the vessel. The responsibility for training crew, and their wellbeing rests with the chief.

Once a 3rd officer has completed 12 months sea time, the ships captains medical course and S3/S4 maritime studies course, they are able to sit the chief mate certificate of competency STCW’95 II/2 – chief mate. An oral examination by the safety authority (SAMSA) must be completed. A chief mate in the merchant offshore industry can expect to earn around $4500 per month (R30 000) earning about 16 days leave for every 30 days served. Chief mate may also obtain a command endorsement up to 3000gt to serve as master on unlimited voyages.
The chief mate is required to have excellent watch keeping and navigational abilities, has maintenance and safety responsibilities and must enforce the discipline of the crew.

For the luxury yacht industry, this position may be filled by an unlicensed person on board some of the smaller yachts, while training. Bear in mind that the entire maritime industry is moving to standardization of recognized qualifications. A chief mate in the U.S./Caribbean or Mediterranean / Europe could look to earn between $4000 and $8000. A fully licensed mate on board one of the larger vessels would obviously command a salary at the higher end of the scale. The relevant MCA qualifications apply. To serve as chief mate on a vessel up to 3000gt, an O.O.W (yacht) certificate of competency must be held. This requires an RYA yachtmaster ocean certificate, commercially endorsed (ENG1 Medical), 36 months sea time on vessels of 15m or more, GMDSS certificate, navigation and radar(O.O.W yacht), general ship knowledge O.O.W. (yacht), and advanced fire fighting. The MCA oral examination must have been passed to obtain the O.O.W. certificate of competency, but no further MCA oral examination is required to progress to chief mate.

Jobs for Chief Mates in South Africa (& for South African citizens internationally)

Employment opportunities for chief mates do exist in South Africa with more jobs available on large charter vessels operating in the Caribbean / U.S. or Mediterranean / Europe.

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