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Guide to Yachtmaster / Master / Captain Jobs

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The full responsibility of the vessel rests on the captain, this is a position that requires all round skills and experience, and qualifications are not the only requirements. This senior management position requires strong administrative, financial and people management skills. The captain is responsible for the safe operation of the ship and transport of cargo, which requires an ability to handle emergency situations and maintain strict discipline of the crew. Maintaining the safety certificates, preparing documentation for the various ports of call and approving budgetary expenses are all the captain’s duties.

To qualify as captain on a merchant vessel, you must have attained the SRCW 95 II/2 –- chief mate certificate of competency. A further 12 month sea time as chief mate and the maritime studies diploma T4 are required before you may sit the safety authority(SAMSA) oral examination for the master certificate of competency (STCW 95 II/2 – master). This enables the successful candidate to serve as captain. Promotion is based on past performance and ability, and would be based on a managerial assessment of the candidate. The ability to fast-track the training process could see an interested school leaver attaining the rank of captain in approximately 12 years.

For the luxury yacht industry, although these qualifications would apply, a different route is also possible; however the MCA officer training would not qualify a candidate for merchant offshore work. In this case the route is through RYA certification, from yacht master ocean, officer of the watch, chief mate and master of a yacht <3000gt, relevant sea time and qualifications are required. The captain of a vessel <3000gt will have qualified in meteorology, stability, naval architecture, maritime law, navigation and ARPA. They must be at least 23 years old and have served 24 months as O.O.W on vessels of 15m or more, or 12 months on vessels of 24m or more, or be qualified for Master(yacht) 500gt, before taking the MCA oral examination.

The captain of a luxury yacht must possess all-round skills, he will need to interact well with the owners or charter guests, require strong financial and accounting skills, be a good people manager and have a feel for the hospitality industry. The smaller vessels may also require engineering ability, while duties on larger vessels entail more administration and paper work. Salaries here are between $4000 and upward of $15 000 per month with the best opportunities in the U.S./Caribbean and Mediterranean / Europe.

Jobs for Yachtmaster / Master / Captain in South Africa (& for South African citizens internationally)

Employment opportunities exist in South Africa and the salary at this level is currently at about $7000 per month (R50 000) with approximately 18 days leave being earned for every 30 days served. If you are out of South Africa for 183 days of the year, your income is tax exempt. Offshore rotational work is usually done on the paired manning basis with 2 to 3 months on followed by 2 or 3 months off. In order to qualify for the tax exemption, one of the spells must be at least 60 days. There are local positions to serve as harbour pilots, marine officers for the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA), and shore-based positions within the national ports.

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