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Guide to Master Coastal Jobs

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A prerequisite for master coastal is the mate coastal ticket. As such STCW95 qualifications in marine fire fighting, first aid at sea, sea survival, pre-sea and social responsibility are required. Advanced fire fighting, GMDSS certificate and ships captain medical are now further requirements.

The master coastal ticket enables you to have command of a vessel >100gt but <500gt within territorial waters and near coastal passages. This qualification is suited to the mining and offshore supply industries. Here strong boat-handling skills will be required to operate anchor-handling tugs, mining vessels and cargo vessels plying near coastal routes. From here further training and experience will enable candidates to graduate to deck officer positions. Positions in the offshore industry can pay around $4000 per month (R30 000) and would normally be paired manning rotational work 2 to 3 months on and 2 to 3 month off.

Jobs for Master Coastal in South Africa (& for South African citizens internationally)

Master coastal employment opportunities for do exist in South Africa with more jobs available on large charter vessels operating in the Caribbean / U.S. or Mediterranean / Europe.

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1st Crew are experienced in the placement of suitably qualified applicants seeking employment on luxury yachts to mega yachts and jobs on ships to super tankers, both internationally and in South Africa. We offer a managed marine recruitment service to yacht and ship owners.

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