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Guide to Engineer Officer Jobs

Job Description : Employment Opportunities : Education / Certification Requirements : Salary / Pay Packages

Engineer officers are responsible for the mechanical, electrical, refrigeration and electronic systems on board. Officers are required to manage engineering crew, maintain inventories and should possess good problem-solving skills. The second engineer will supervise the other officers, but remains responsible for main engine propulsion. Third engineer would be the safety officer for the engine room and be responsible for the generator power supply. The fourth engineer would be responsible for the onboard fuel systems and taking bunkers or re-fueling. All engineer officers below the chief must perform engine room watchkeeping duties.

Merchant offshore engineering officer candidates must have a grade 12 with mathematics and science and a N5 in mechanical engineering from an accredited college or an S3 certificate from an accredited technical college. STCW ’95 courses in marine fire fighting, first aid at sea, sea survival, pre-sea and social responsibility courses must have been completed. Twelve months on board training and six months advanced workshop training along with further theory is required before being able to take the safety authority (SAMSA) oral exam for engineer officer certificate of competency. It is also required to complete the proficiency in survival craft (P.I.S.C.) course and advanced fire fighting prior to obtaining the STCW III/1- officer in charge of an engineering watch.

Typically you would start as a 5th engineer, earning approximately $2000 -$2500 per month (R15 000), earning leave of 15 days for every 30 days served. The salary is tax-free for workers who spend at least 183 days out of the country. Progress to 4th and 3rd engineer is based on merit and ability. It requires a further 12 months sea time and theory requirements to take the oral exam for second engineer certificate of competency – STCW ’95 III/2 – second engineer. This is a senior management position with a salary of around $4500 per month (R30 000). Engineer officers will normally work daytime hours (8 – 5) with the engine room unmanned at night. There will be one duty officer for alarms. Due to current shortage, there is a demand for engineer officers.

For the luxury yacht industry, MCA engineer officer qualifications will suffice up to 3000gt and less than 9000 K.W. Engineer officers must interact well with crew and guests. In some instances there can be a dual engineer/deck position if the vessel is so designed. Further responsibilities to primary vessel maintenance would be maintenance of “toys” - tenders, jet skis and diving equipment for example. The MCA qualifications will be from approved engine course (A.E.C) up to yacht 1, depending on range, size of vessel and relevant kilowatts of power. Salaries here could range from $4000 to $9000 depending on vessel, and the best opportunities exist in Caribbean / U.S. or Mediterranean / Europe. Leave would usually be one month with travel expenses from and to the boat. Bonus and tips depend on owner and type of operation, while prospects for advancement depend on merit, ability and qualifications.

Jobs for Engineer Officers in South Africa (& for South African citizens internationally)

Engineer officer employment opportunities for do exist in South Africa with more jobs available on large charter vessels operating in the Caribbean / U.S. or Mediterranean / Europe.

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