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Guide to Chief Steward / Stewardess Jobs

Job Description : Employment Opportunities : Education / Certification Requirements : Salary / Pay Packages

STCW95 qualifications in marine fire-fighting, first aid at sea, sea survival, pre-sea and social responsibility done through recognized and accredited training institutions are required. Regular visas to area of operation will be necessary; the boat will then organize crew visas.

This is a position in the luxury yacht industry or passenger operations, requiring phenomenal service skills. At the top end of the marine charter industry, guests are extremely demanding, expectations are high and you are expected to outperform yourself at all times and hours.

You would need to delegate duties to support staff in order to achieve a seamless 5 to 6 star service. The position will require computer skills, accounting and administrative ability and extremely good organizational skills. Responsibilities for the overall cleanliness and appearance of the vessel may be enhanced by a good eye for interior decorating and top-end hospitality, including silver service, experience.

The best opportunities exist on the large and expensive vessels that operate throughout the U.S. and Caribbean as well as the Mediterranean / Europe, you could expect to earn from $2500 up to $7000 per month depending on vessel and abilities or qualifications. You will require good, contactable references.

Jobs for Chief Stewards / Stewardesses in South Africa (& for South African citizens internationally)

Although employment opportunities for chief stewards / stewardesses do exist in South Africa, areas of operation are mainly abroad, being Caribbean / U.S., Mediterranean / Europe, but Indian Ocean islands and various other cruising destinations may offer opportunities.

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1st Crew are experienced in the placement of suitably qualified applicants seeking employment on luxury yachts to mega yachts and jobs on ships to super tankers, both internationally and in South Africa. We offer a managed marine recruitment service to yacht and ship owners.

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